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Our conference program is refreshingly different to what you're used to seeing at regular tradeshows and conferences. Why?
  • Built Around Your Needs: We create the conference program based on research and feedback from our clients, senior marketing professionals, who like you are dealing with critical issues on a daily basis
  • First class speakers: Conference sessions are led by peers or industry experts, who have a clear understanding of the business obstacles inherent in controlling large marketing departments and how they can be managed and resolved.
  • Intimate sessions: Sessions are for small groups of under 25 executives and are for marketing professionals only. This environment encourages attendees to be able to share best practices, successful case studies, and receive opinions and suggestions from their colleagues.

Take part in the program

If you would like to participate in the program, or recommend any speakers or topics, please email Eman Amer at or call her at 212-651-8713, or email Shawna McCormack at or call her at 212-651-8755.
2018 Keynote Speaker
2018 Keynote Speaker
  • Opening Keynote:

    Rohit Talwar, Award Winning Futurist, Author and CEO of Fast Future

    Rohit is a global futurist, award-winning motivational speaker, strategic advisor, author, entrepreneur, and the CEO of Fast Future. He delivers keynote speeches, executive education, consultancy, research, and future-focused leadership mentoring to clients internationally. He works with major corporations, business schools, governments, professional services, investors, associations, and NGOs to help them anticipate, prepare for and create the future. He has delivered over 1500 keynote speeches and executive workshops in 70+ countries on six continents.

    Rohit leads Fast Future Publishing - delivering a series of multi-contributor books exploring the emerging future. He is the co-author of Designing Your Future, lead editor and a contributing author for The Future of Business, and editor of Technology vs. Humanity. He is also a co-editor and contributor for the recently published Beyond Genuine Stupidity – Ensuring AI Serves Humanity, and three forthcoming books - Future Transformations – Reimagining Life, Society, and Business, Unleashing Human Potential – The Future of AI in Business, and 50:50 – Scenarios for the Next 50 Years.


2018 Sessions & Workshops
2018 Sessions & Workshops
  • Session Title Coming Soon!

    Ann Sung Ruckstuhl , Senior VP & CMO, Unisys
    Session Description Coming Soon!

    Ann Sung Ruckstuhl is senior vice president and Chief Marketing Officer at Unisys. She joined the company in December 2016 and is responsible for all of Unisys' marketing functions, including corporate, product, solution, industry, s...

    Marketing in the Moment – The Next Evolution in Customer Engagement

    Bernard Chung, Senior Director, Solution Marketing

    Identifying key moments in customers lives and responding to their needs is the best way to deliver the customer experiences that is expected. This session will examine how to effectively orchestrate marketing in the best moments in the customer lives to effectively connect and engage with c...

  • Take Control of a Crisis Situation Before it Controls You

    Lee Gordon, Director of Global Public Relations & Marketing Communications, Mercury Marine | Brunswick Corporation

    In today’s world, we are all just moments away from a full blown crisis and most companies and organizations aren’t prepared. Lee will ensure that you are “media-ready” and have a plan in place for how to deal with the media, social media and any other communications issues that could arise ...

2018 Conference Development
2018 Conference Development
  • Call for Participation

    The Marketing Forum: Interactive, Engaged & Personal

    We are accepting submissions for the 2018 Marketing Forums. Please submit your proposal to: Eman Amer, 212-651-8713/ or Shawna McCormack, 212-651-8755/

    For more details please download the file called '2018 - Call for Participation' which can be found in the left column of this page. Or reach out to us via phone or email.

    Potential Topics/Topic Areas
    • Branded Documentaries- the Next Experiential Marketing Wave?
    • Profiting from New Opportunities in the Sharing Economy
    • Maximizing Immersive Pop-Up Marketing
    • Rise of the Chatbots and Conversational Commerce- Lessons for Brand Marketers
    • New Opportunities for Subscription Sampling
    • Riding the Fintech Wave- Trends and Tips for CMOs- bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency
    • CGOs- Successors to CMOs?
    • Expanding Opportunities for Interactive Brand Experience Centers
    • Deep Engagement- the Promise and Perils of Virtual Reality Marketing
    • Next Generation Social Media Marketing- Exploiting Social Code and Social Sampling
    • New Directions in Crowdsourced Marketing
    • Tapping into the Holistic Marketing Well
    • Multiplatform Approaches to Humanizing Branding
    • Driving Innovation with Multicultural Marketing

2017 Sessions & Workshops
2017 Sessions & Workshops
  • Intentional Branding

    Ernie Harker, Executive Director of Marketing, Maverik, Inc.


    Branding is the story, personality, image and values associated with your company built by an accumulation of experiences with your products and services, advertising campaigns, operational slogans, website, sponsorships, customer service policies, and more....


    Social Listening: The New Panel, the New Survey, a Real-time View into Your Consumer’s Mind

    Joe Martin, Head of Social Insights and Brand Evangelist, Adobe


    With social listening, you can get a real-time view into your consumer’s mind without running a lengthy survey. It provides a way to curb crisis, monitor brand health, improve competitive strategy, content strategy, and check the pulse of the consumers you ...


  • Demonstrating Tangible Digital Marketing ROI by Analyzing Three Case Studies

    Drew Eastmead, Director of Content Marketing Education, Vertical Measures and Joe Bockerstette, Partner, Business Enterprise Mapping


    A deep dive session into three case studies of business located locally and nationally who have seen dramatic results with their Digital Marketing efforts. Join us for a first-hand client experience of the success of Content Marketing in the digital world. ...


  • Learned from Facebook Email Marketing - Case Study

    Desiree Motamedi Ward, Head of Developer Product Marketing, Facebook


    To drive success, you need to understand your audience so you can nurture them throughout their journey to becoming a loyal fan base. In this session, you'll learn how Facebook approaches email marketing – from accessing audience insights to best pract...


    Entertainment & Omni-Channel: Brands and the New Digital Ecosystem

    Marc Rashba, Vice Present of Digital Partnerships & Development, Sony Pictures Entertainment


    Retailers are laser focused on building and perfecting their own omni-channel experiences. Driven by disappointing sales in physical stores and that consumers want friction free transactions where they can buy what they want, when they want it and how they...


  • How to Reposition, Revitalize and Transform one of the World’s Biggest Brands

    Louise Felton, Sr. Director, Global Marketing and Communications Brand Strategy, Campaigns, and Programs Intel Corporation


    Hear the journey of reinvention, on a massive scale with tremendous odds at stake. Learn how Intel addressed big challenges, sobering predictions and a ‘chronic’ march of declining brand attributes among the world’s millennial targets. Understand the thi...


    Build an (almost) bulletproof content marketing strategy

    Colman Murphy, VP of Digital and Customer Marketing, Xerox Corporation


    Effective content marketing is the cornerstone of customer engagement, nurture and retention. We marketers know it, management knows it, even our customers know it. Yet less than 20% of B2B organizations rate their current content marketing approach as V...


  • The Art & Science of Modern Marketing: Three Key Best Practices for the Journey

    Fred Isbell, Senior Director & BMO Lead, SAP Digital Business Services & SAP HEC Marketing, SAP


    Digital transformation, widespread innovation and Marketing Technology (MarTec) have fundamentally transformed marketing. The modern marketer must combine art and science to meet the evolving needs of the marketplace, including thought leadership and st...


    Handling Negative Buzz Like a Pro: Case Studies and Practical Strategy from a School's Perspective

    Dan Soschin, Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Philanthropy, Ultimate Medical Academy


    Trolls are not just pink fuzzy haired dolls; they are lurking in the corners of the internet waiting to wreak havoc on your business. But it's hard to know how to respond or if you should respond. In this session, Dan will take you through several real-w...


  • Forget Snapchat – Let's Talk About Real Chats

    Lloyd David Balman, Head of Marketing for Retail, Experiential, ATM, RSSE, Field Strategy & Communications, Corporate Events & Executive Conference Centers, TD Bank


    In this session I engage you in a deep dialog about happiness, ukuleles, Metallica and the meaning of life. I will also persuade you to incorporate 1:1 "Experience" marketing into your marketing plans. The core themes are:

    • Why Experiential Spendi...


    Neuroscience and Marketing: Understanding Your Customers’ Brains

    Patricia Faust, MGS, Gerontologist/Brain Health Specialist, My Boomer Brain


    Join Pat Faust as she explains how and why humans behave in the way they do! She’ll detail how brain functions in particular situations and how marketers can use the information to design, plan and market their products and services.

    You’ll learn h...


  • Is Facebook really dying? Social Media Platforms: A Data Debunk

    Bennett Porter, Senior Vice President, Marketing Communications, SurveyMonkey


    With social media a part of our daily lives, advertisers have flocked to these platforms to reach customers. But, marketers still have questions – Where do consumers spend their time? How effective are the ads? Are consumption patterns different? Join t...


    The Cuttlefish Marketer: The Five Essential Traits of a Modern Marketer

    Scott East, CEO & Co-Founder, MSIGHTS


    Marketers need to transform themselves into modern marketing leaders. But today’s traits are dramatically different than those that made marketers successful just ten years ago. From my new book "The Cuttlefish Marketer" -- which each attendee will receive...


  • CX Revisited: Keeping up with the Changing Demands of Customer Experience

    Marti Post, VP, Strategic Services, Mindstream Interactive


    Customer experience is no longer just defined by your brand team. It’s constantly being redefined and driven by both shifting expectations and technological advancement. What can your brand do to better understand and connect with your customers? Pulling...


    Field of Dreams: How Marketing Can Support Sales Beyond Online Demand Generation

    Jessica Swan, Senior Enterprise Account Executive, Showpad

    A buyer’s journey is not linear, it is filled with twists and turns that are heavily impacted by the ability of marketing – and sales – to communicate value, in any environment. Marketing needs to move beyond the automated and online portion of a buyer’s journey, and work alongside sales to ...


Past Programs - Fall
Past Programs - Fall
  • 2017 Marketing Forum - Fall

    Storytelling in the Digital Age: Authenticity & Authorship Arun Chaudhary – Digital Storyteller, Official White House Videographer for President Barack Obama, Creative Director for Bernie Sanders’ President Campaign

    • Intentional Branding
      Ernie Harker – Executive Director of Marketing – Maverik, Inc.
    • Social Listening
      Joe Martin – Head of Social Insights & Brand Evangelist – Adobe
    • Brands and the New Digital Ecosystem
      Marc Rashba – Vice President of Digital Partnerships & Development – Sony Pictures Entertainment
    • Customer-centric Philosophies
      Colman Murphy – VP of Digital & Customer Marketing – Xerox Corporation
    • The Art & Science of Modern Marketing
      Fred Isbell –Senior Director & BMO Lead – SAP
    • Handling Negative Buzz Like a Pro: Case Studies and Practical Strategy from a School’s Perspective
      Dan Soschin – Vice President of Marketing, Communications & Philanthropy – Ultimate Medical Academy
    • Neuroscience and Marketing: Understanding Your Customers’ Brains
      Patricia Faust – MGS Gerontologist/Brain Health Specialist
    • Is Facebook really dying? Social Media Platforms: A Data Debunk
      Bennett Porter - SVP Marketing Communications – SurveyMonkey
    • Forget Snapchat – Let’s Talk About Real Chats
      Lloyd Balman – Head of Marketing for Retail – TD Bank
    • How to Reposition, Revitalize and Transform one of the World’s Biggest Brands
      Louise Felton – Sr. Director, Global Marketing & Communications, Brand Strategy & Programs – Intel Corp.
    • Lessons Learned from Facebook Email Marketing
      Desiree Motamedi – Head of Developer Product Marketing – Facebook

  • 2016 Marketing Forum - Fall

    Justin Baldoni, Actor, Director, Producer

    • Becoming a Visionary Leader: How to Predict the Future
      Rohit Bhargava, Author, Professor & Trend curator, Influential Marketing Group
    • Marketing Analytics from Pebbles to Pathways
      Jason Lisovicz, SVP Marketing, Emerus
    • Brand Identity: A Micro Look at Macro Issues
      Jennifer Francis, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, Philadelphia Museum of Art
    • The Use of Storytelling to Give Your Brand an Authentic Voice
      Jim Fields, VP Customer Storytelling, SAP Marketing, Tricia Manning-Smith, Senior On-Air Global Correspondent, SAP
    • 34% Response Rate? How Can I Achieve Numbers Like That? Unleashing the Power of Marketing
      Lisa McLaine, Global Director of Marketing, Unisys Corporation
    • Growing Your Advocate Economy May Petry, VP Digital Marketing, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    • Earning Your Fair Share of Corporate Budget & Credibility: More Than Making Pretty Presentations
      Rachel McClary, PhD, Global VP Marketing, Diebold Incorporated
    • Agile Marketing: Turning Customer Experience into a Competitive Advantage
      Roland Smart, VP Social & Community Marketing, Oracle
    • Creating a Culture of Service Excellent
      Terry Cain, Former VP Global Customer Engagement, AvnetBr>
    • The Changing Face of Marketing Communications: Are You Ready?
      Maureen Nayowith, SVP Marketing Communications, Atkins North America
    • The Content Crazy and How to Create, Curate and Craft
      Katherine Riley, Director of Marketing, Globe Union Group

2017 Confirmed Speakers
2017 Confirmed Speakers
  • Speaker Faculty

    2017 Speakers Confirmed to date*

    Joe Martin, Head of Social Insights and Content Marketing, Adobe Systems Inc.

    Ernie Harker, Executive Director of Marketing, Maverick, Inc.

    Desiree Motamedi, Head of Developer Product Marketing, Facebook

    Marc Rashba, VP of Digital Partnerships & Development, Sony Pictures Entertainment

    Dan Soschin, Vice President, Marketing, Ultimate Medical Academy

    Louise Felton, Senior Director, Global Marketing & Communications, Intel Corporation

    Patricia Faust, MGS,Gerontologist/Brain Health Specialist, My Boomer Brain

    Lloyd David Balman, Head of Marketing for Retail, Experiential, ATM, RSSE, Field Strategy & Communications, Corporate Events & Executive Conference Centers,TD Bank

    Colman Murphy, VP of Digital and Customer Marketing, Xerox Corporation

    Fred Isbell, Senior Director & BMO Lead, SAP Digital Business Services & SAP HEC Marketing, SAP

    Bennett Porter, Senior Vice President, Communications SurveyMonkey

    Scott East, CEO/Co-Founder, MSIGHTS

    Marti Post, VP, Strategic Services, Mindstream Interactive

    Jessica Swan, VP, Senior Enterprise Account Executive, Showpad

    Speaker to be named , Vertical Measures

    *as of September 20,2017. Program is fully-subscribe yet subject to change without notice.


2017 Keynote Address
2017  Keynote Address
  • The Three States of Public Opinion

    Arun Chaudhary, Digital Storyteller, Official White House Videographer for President Barack Obama, Creative Director for Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Hear how a former NYU film professor developed campaign messaging, taking lessons from arts and entertainment to Presidential politics, the White House, and beyond.

    2. Understand the twin importance of authenticity and authorship in messaging in the digital age.

    3. Learn how to gain audience engagement and industry influence through creative strategy

    In this keynote presentation, Revolution Messaging’s Arun Chaudhary will share how he spearheaded digital creative strategy for President Obama and Senator Bernie Sanders, creating powerful messaging that mobilized voters and the financial support needed to compete in modern campaigns.

    Chaudhary’s expertise is infusing causes and brands with narrative meaning making them endurable and memorable. The implementation of digital strategy has become key for companies and campaigns looking to engage the public in a post broadcast age, where content has to be compelling.

    As such it is vital for marketers to comprehend the social media landscape in order to develop effective storytelling. At the root of this is the need for authenticity and authorship as Chaudhary explains in his keynote address, using anecdotes from his professional experience on the campaign trail and from within the White House.

    Chaudhary has been profiled by the New York Times, the BBC, National Journal, Politico, Fortune, and many political websites, and led a Frog design mind seminar at NYU with Fast Company’s Ellen McGirt. He lives in Houston, TX with his family.

    A conservatory-trained filmmaker with a passion for politics, Arun Chaudhary was the first official white house videographer, a position created for him at the beginning of the Obama administration. During then-Senator Obama’s presidential bid, Chaudhary served as a key member of the New Media Team, giving the public a peek into the candidate’s daily life and personality behind the scenes. At the white house, Chaudhary expanded his vision of including the public in the opaque world of the presidency, writing, producing, shooting, and editing more than sixty episodes of “West Wing Week,” a documentary series following the president through his rigorous weekly agenda. The series provided anyone with an internet connection with unprecedented access to the President’s serious (and endless) day-to-day work, as well as to moments of levity that revealed his more lighthearted side. Most recently, Chaudhary worked as Creative Director on Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, crafting and communicating the candidate’s Snapchat- and Instagram-ready persona for the iPhone generation. He is a partner with Revolution Messaging in Washington, DC.


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