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Our conference program is refreshingly different to what you're used to seeing at regular tradeshows and conferences. Why?
  • Built Around Your Needs: We create the conference program based on research and feedback from our clients, senior marketing professionals, who like you are dealing with critical issues on a daily basis
  • First class speakers: Conference sessions are led by peers or industry experts, who have a clear understanding of the business obstacles inherent in controlling large marketing departments and how they can be managed and resolved.
  • Intimate sessions: Sessions are for small groups of under 25 executives and are for marketing professionals only. This environment encourages attendees to be able to share best practices, successful case studies, and receive opinions and suggestions from their colleagues.

Take part in the program

If you would like to participate in the program, or recommend any speakers or topics, please email Chyai Mulberg or call her at 212-651-8736.
2017 Keynote Address
2017  Keynote Address
  • Storytelling in the Digital Age: Authenticity and Authorship

    Arun Chaudhary, Digital Storyteller, Official White House Videographer for President Barack Obama, Creative Director for Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Hear how a former NYU film professor developed campaign messaging, taking lessons from arts and entertainment to Presidential politics, the White House, and beyond.

    2. Understand the twin importance of authenticity and authorship in messaging in the digital age.

    3. Learn how to gain audience engagement and industry influence through creative strategy

    In this keynote presentation, Revolution Messaging’s Arun Chaudhary will share how he spearheaded digital creative strategy for President Obama and Senator Bernie Sanders, creating powerful messaging that mobilized voters and the financial support needed to compete in modern campaigns.

    Chaudhary’s expertise is infusing causes and brands with narrative meaning making them endurable and memorable. The implementation of digital strategy has become key for companies and campaigns looking to engage the public in a post broadcast age, where content has to be compelling.

    As such it is vital for marketers to comprehend the social media landscape in order to develop effective storytelling. At the root of this is the need for authenticity and authorship as Chaudhary explains in his keynote address, using anecdotes from his professional experience on the campaign trail and from within the White House.

    Chaudhary has been profiled by the New York Times, the BBC, National Journal, Politico, Fortune, and many political websites, and led a Frog design mind seminar at NYU with Fast Company’s Ellen McGirt. He lives in Washington, D.C., with his wife, son and daughter.

    A conservatory-trained filmmaker with a passion for politics, Arun Chaudhary was the first official white house videographer, a position created for him at the beginning of the Obama administration. During then-Senator Obama’s presidential bid, Chaudhary served as a key member of the New Media Team, giving the public a peek into the candidate’s daily life and personality behind the scenes. At the white house, Chaudhary expanded his vision of including the public in the opaque world of the presidency, writing, producing, shooting, and editing more than sixty episodes of “West Wing Week,” a documentary series following the president through his rigorous weekly agenda. The series provided anyone with an internet connection with unprecedented access to the President’s serious (and endless) day-to-day work, as well as to moments of levity that revealed his more lighthearted side. Most recently, Chaudhary worked as Creative Director on Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, crafting and communicating the candidate’s Snapchat- and Instagram-ready persona for the iPhone generation.


2017 Conference Development
2017 Conference Development
  • 2017 Fall Marketing Forum

    The 2017 Conference Program is currently in

    Interested in Speaking at The Marketing Forum?

    Richmond Events is now accepting submissions for the 2017 Annual Fall Marketing Forum, being held October 15-17, 2017 at The Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale, AZ. The forum is an exclusive, invitation-only business development and educational opportunity for select senior-level executives. Limited to 100 marketing professionals from F1000 companies, delegates average personal marketing budget of $9.4m and represented companies averaging $6.3b in global annual revenues.

    This year’s program is structured so that topics are identified and tagged as either strategic or tactical. The preliminary topics for this year’s program include:

    STRATEGIC • Customer-Centric Philosophies: Integrating the Customer Experience into Every Level of Business

    • Measurement with Purpose: Engaged & Effective Analytics

    • Video, Virtual & Augmented Reality: The New Content King

    • Market Less, Sell More: Social Media Strategies that Actively Resonate & Retarget an Audience with Personalization & Exceptional Content

    • Beacons, Sensors, Edge devices, TVs, cloths, fitness brands and so much more: Embracing IoT

    • Bridging the Gap between Marketing & IT – How the CMO can Lead the Charge to Embed Digital Transformation

    • From Turbulence to Turnaround: How Marketing Strategies Can Drive a Turnaround – Case Study


    • Rapid-response, Behavior-driven Messaging: Segmenting for Personalization

    • Social Listening: Seeing both the Trees & the Forest

    • Amplifying the Message by Launching an Influencer Marketing Campaign

    • Adding a Human Touch to Marketing AI with Big Data as the Fuel

    • Audience Connection, Not Disruption: Driving Positive Associations through video, Native Programmatic & Retargeting

    • Branding: The Best Tactic is a Comprehensive Strategy

    • The Multi-channel, Multi-tactic Content Marketing Environment

    • Measured, Methodical & Mindful Multicultural Marketing Tools that Effectively Target a Diverse Consumer Pool

    Speaker nominations currently being accepted. To be considered for the Forum speaker faculty, contact Cheryl Fallick at E: or T: 212.651.8736.

    If you are interested in participating in a 1-1 research call to help shape content, please also contact Cheryl


2017 Sessions & Workshops
2017 Sessions & Workshops
  • Intentional Branding

    Ernie Harker, Executive Director of Marketing, Maverik, Inc.


    Branding is the story, personality, image and values associated with your company built by an accumulation of experiences with your products and services, advertising campaigns, operational slogans, website, sponsorships, customer service policies, and more....


    Title Coming Soon!

    Joe Martin, Head of Social Insights and Brand Evangelist, Adobe
    Session Description Coming Soon!

    About Joe

    Joe Martin has a BS in Finance and MBA from the University of Utah as well as a degree in entrepreneurship and innovation from Stanford. He has worked more than nine years in consumer data analysis, corporate strategy, and digi...


2017 Confirmed Speakers
2017 Confirmed Speakers
  • Speaker Faculty

    2017 Speakers Confirmed to date*

    Joe Martin, Head of Social Insights and Content Marketing, Adobe Systems Inc.

    Ernie Harker, Executive Director of Marketing, Maverick, Inc.

    Daryl Drabinsky, Director of Communications, Channel Innovation, Aetna

    *as of March 17, 2017. Program under development and subject to change without notice.


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